charlie sheen may 2011 gi Charlie Sheen is NOT dead, but is being used to spread malwareThe good news: Charlie Sheen is NOT dead. The bad news: Clicking on some of the stories claiming the ex-“Two and a Half Men” actor croaked may just infect your computer with malware.

The rumor of Sheen’s demise started on Tuesday (July 12), when “headlines” about Sheen’s death started popping up on Facebook and Twitter — the fake stories claimed the actor was found dead in his house “from cardiac arrest.” Per Mashable, the bogus story was eventually traced back to a cloned YouTube page whose only purpose in life (if it can be called “life”) is to infect computers with a nasty malware virus.

Clicking on these links takes the user to a fake YouTube-clone page, where any click on any part of the screen will begin spreading the scam on the user’s own Facebook profile. Then, the user is asked to complete a survey before viewing the video, which adds a lead-gen layer to the click-jacking scheme. Finally, some folks are reporting being infected with malware after visiting the site, as well.

So, to be clear: Sheen is alive, but clicking on links about his death will cost you.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson