charlie sheen rob ford gi Charlie Sheen offers Rob Ford 'steady hand' after misunderstanding satirical reportIt looks as though the years of hard-partying have made it difficult for Charlie Sheen to pick up on satire.

After The Daily Currant (a site quite similar to The Onion) posted a fake article about the “Anger Management” actor calling embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford unfit to lead, asking him to resign, Sheen lashed out via Twitter on Thursday (Nov. 14) as if the post was printed as truth.

“Dear Mayor Rob Ford,” Sheen begins his message, “The only truth or correct reporting in today’s repulsive story regarding my alleged comments about you is the accurate spelling of your great city. Your personal life is and never would be any of my business. I’m sorry for any grief this may have caused. If I can be of any assistance in any capacity in this media cesspool, please accept the noble offer of my steady hand and compassionate heart.”

Ford faces pressure to resign from his post as revelations about his drug use continue to come to light. After months of denials, he has finally admitted to smoking crack cocaine, while also admitting to his city council that he has purchased drugs, as well. He continues to refuse to resign, however.

Are you surprised by Sheen’s support for Ford?

Posted by:Billy Nilles