lindsay lohan charlie sheen rumor scary movie 5 weinstein company Charlie Sheen pays Lindsay Lohan's tax billCharlie Sheen, philanthropist. Those are two terms you don’t often think of using together. Lindsay Lohan, charity case … now that’s a different story. But Sheen has reportedly turned high dollar donor for down-on-her-luck Lohan.

The pair is said to have become close after shooting a bedroom scene together for “Scary Movie 5,” and now TMZ reports, Charlie cut Lindsay a check for $100,000 to help clear her mounting tax debt. 
Lohan reportedly owes more than $230,00 to Uncle Sam, and Charlie — the benevolent benefactor that he is — wants to help Lindsay get the IRS off her back.
If you think this transaction between pals sounds a bit fishy, you’re not the only one. With Sheen and Lohan in the mix, it’s hard to believe there’s not more to the story than a friend helping out a friend, no strings attached.
What do you think is really going on with these strange bedfellows?
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