charlie sheen cbs Charlie Sheen says 'I'm not dying'    but could he be rehab bound?Charlie Sheen is in the hospital for laughing too hard, according to one source. The people who produce his hit sitcom, however, are less amused at his latest escapade.

Sheen was taken to the hospital early Thursday (Jan. 27) after complaining of abdominal pain — which, according to “Extra,” is the result of Sheen aggravating a hernia. Sheen’s friend Steve Brodersen tells the show that Sheen was laughing so hard at something on TV that the hernia became a problem. Brodersen also says Sheen told him, “I’m not dying,” when he went to see him at Cedars-Sinai hospital in L.A.

So, nothing to do with the reported “briefcase” of cocaine (so says TMZ, anyway) at his house, or the 36-hour party that began Tuesday night? OK.

Meanwhile, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that executives at Warner Bros. TV, which produces Sheen’s CBS comedy “Two and a Half Men,” have been trying to persuade Sheen to get treatment and even looking for “some pivotal incident” to require him to enter rehab.

“Two and a Half Men” isn’t filming this week, so Sheen’s hospitalization won’t affect production for the moment. CBS chief Nina Tassler earlier this month said she has a “high level of concern” about Sheen’s behavior, but she also noted on set, Sheen is always on time and “does his job extremely well.”

Ratings for the show also haven’t been affected by Sheen’s extracurricular activity. But if the show is forced to delay production or its numbers start to dip, Sheen can probably expect more pressure to get help.

Posted by:Rick Porter