charlie sheen david letterman two and a half men gi Charlie Sheen wants to return to the 'dead' show, 'Two and a Half Men'

In theory, Charlie Sheen will someday run out of bizarre and entertaining things to say. We’re not there yet. In his latest bout of strange (yet somehow brilliant) utterings, the actor told David Letterman that he would like to go back on “Two and a Half Men.”

There are, of course, oh-so-many issues with this desire. The first problem is that Charlie Sheen’s character was killed off at the beginning of last season, something that Letterman pointed out in his interview with Sheen during the Monday (Jan. 14) episode of the “Late Show with David Letterman.”

This did not faze Sheen in the least. “I am dead. But so is the show,” the actor quipped. He followed this up by explaining, “I think they’re doing the best they can. I think they have one more season.”

Considering that this isn’t so different from what many are predicting about the CBS show’s future, Sheen may just be right. That said, the chances of the actor returning to “Two and a Half Men” seem low.

What other truth bombs did Charlie drop during his chat with Letterman?

  • “That’s not Adonis DNA. Not even close.” — on Angus T. Jones‘ unexpected plea for fans to not watch the show
  • ‘Of course! Have you seen some of those interviews?” — on whether he is now embarrassed by his 2011 tirade/national tour
  • “If I had it to do over again, I’d probably be a little less verbal, less vocal.”
  • “Stuff was just falling out. And then there were t-shirts.” — on the incredible quotability of many of his insane ramblings

Posted by:Laurel Brown