Wdenise richards sam lola sheen getty Charlie Sheen's children protected from his antics; His porn star acquaintances speak againhenever news breaks of another one of Charlie Sheen‘s troublesome “incidents,” we can’t help but wonder about how his children are faring. Sheen has four children – daughters Sam (6) and Lola (5) with ex-wife Denise Richards and two-year-old twins Max and Bob with ex-wife Brooke Mueller.

Sources tell People that word of Sheen’s struggles could be reaching his children. “It’s been horrific and so sad. Every day something has been in the news.”

Richards does her best to keep their daughters from hearing about it, but now that they’re old enough to attend school, it’s a daunting task. “She can only keep so much from them,” the source says. “All she wants is for him to be healthy.”

She remains silent when it comes to the press. “I love how certain media outlets say my ‘friends’ are speaking to the press,” Richards tweeted. “All B.S. Nothing has been discussed
this is a private matter.”

On the other hand, Mueller’s sons are too young to feel immediate consequences of their father’s actions. They live with their mother. “Their grandparents [arrived last night],” the source says. “The boys
are doing great and are too young to know anything about their father
and his antics.”

Meanwhile, the latest porn star involved in Charlie’s most recent night of publicized debauchery has, surprise surprise, come forward to tell her story to E! News. Kacey Jordan says that when she arrived at Sheen’s house, “I was like ‘Oh my god, like, like oh my god, like I’ve never seen somebody so self-destructive. Like his eyes weren’t even open. He was just like functioning on — like a zombie.”

Jordan said she bet Sheen that she could “out-drink him,” but when she poured a large glass of vodka, he grabbed it from her and drank it in “three to five seconds.” She said at this point Sheen had already been drinking to excess and had spilled wine on himself.

“He has gold teeth. All his teeth have fallen out from partying and whatnot. He kept saying, ‘I hate f***ing porcelain teeth, they’re s**t. I need to get gold teeth.’ Most of his teeth were gold but he wouldn’t say why, but we all know probably because they’ve fallen out from the drug use.”

Jordan says that after they had “quick” sex, Sheen wrote her a check for $30,000. She was afraid to leave him alone, fearing it would be the last time she saw him alive, but she still left immediately to deposit the check.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie