charlies angels group photo 'Charlie's Angels': Robert Wagner out as 'Charlie'; 5 suggested replacementsWhen news broke that Robert Wagner is out as the voice of Charlie in the upcoming ABC series “Charlie’s Angels,” we were left wondering who would replace reclusive, crime fighting financier.  While producers have yet to announce a new Charles Townsend, we’ve come up with a few suggestions of our own. 

We only request the typical 10 percent agent fees if any of these come to pass.

Val Kilmer — Kilmer is normally in front of the camera in such films as “The Doors,” “Heat” and “Tombstone,” but he’s done voice work as well. In 2008 he voiced KITT in the “Knight Rider” reboot. So he’s clearly comfortable being heard and not seen. Additionally, Kilmer has experience as a wealthy, eccentric crime fighter from his days as “Batman.” Seems like a natural fit.

William Shatner — Who better to deliver marching orders than Captain Kirk? Sure his delivery can be a bit deliberate, but if his voice work for Priceline is any indication, he can pull it off. Plus, it’s Shatner.

Chuck D — The Public Enemy front man, in addition to years in the studio recording hits like “Bring the Noise” and “Welcome to the Terrordome,” narrated a 2005 PBS documentary on the Harlem Globetrotters. His velvety baritone is commanding but respectful. Exactly what the Angels need before going off their mission du jour.

Charlie Sheen — Until his new series “Anger Management” starts taping, the ex-“Two and a Half Men” star has some time on his hands. And if Sheen’s finds out he gets to tell three hot women what to do, he’ll likely jump at the chance. His gravelly voice from years of smoking and an “active” lifestyle, offers the pipes voice actors dream of. Plus, he seems to prefer his characters be named Charlie for simplicity’s sake.

Kathleen Turner — Probably an unconventional choice for this, but Turner provided the voice of Jessica Rabbit in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.” So she’s certainly up to the task. The only wrinkle is that Charles Townsend is male. But Turner’s register is a bit more…robust…than it was 20 years ago. It could work.

Who would you like to see…err…hear as the voice of Charlie?

Posted by:David Eckstein