chasing life what to expect when youre expecting chemo 'Chasing Life': April 'breaks up' with Leo in 'What to Expect When You're Expecting Chemo'“Chasing Life” is almost over for the summer and as such, April is preparing for her month-long hospital stay for chemotherapy. It’s actually a nifty bit of scheduling by the show’s writers, since April in one hospital room for a month would be super, duper boring. So we can skip that during hiatus! Synergy.

In preparation for her leave of absence from work, April wants to finish strong by covering Bruce Hendrie’s gubernatorial debate. This are sliiiiightly awkward with Leo, since they just jumped each other’s bones in a church after a fake funeral, but all that is forgotten when Leo suddenly starts involuntarily speaking complete gibberish in an interview. The tumor is only going to get worse and that’s just one of the side effects.

April goes to see him in the hospital and essentially “breaks up” with him — not just as flirty-flirty sometimes-lovers, but as friends. She can’t watch him give up the cancer fight while she’s still trying to be strong and battle her own disease.

It’ll be interesting to see what the show does with Leo going forward. Obviously he and April will make up at some point, but is this just the painful march toward his death? Will the show cop-out and have him suddenly decide to have the surgery and then miraculously he’ll be OK (for at least a while)? I’m guessing that instead, April will convince him to have the surgery and he’ll seem better, only to die suddenly in the Season 1 finale or something. Gut-wrencher right there.

In other news, Brenna has gone all-in with Greer, which is a good choice since we’ve never liked Kieran and Ford is being a real jerk about it all. Good riddance to them.

And Uncle George kissed Sarah! But we all saw that one coming, right? There has to be a romantic history there.

What do you hope for next week’s midseason finale of “Chasing Life”? Do you have questions for Italia Ricci? We’re interviewing her about it tomorrow.

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