chasing-life-the-family-that-lies-together-ABC-family.jpg“Chasing Life” has done such a masterful job so far of hitting the emotional moments perfectly and Tuesday’s (July 8) episode, “The Family That Lies Together,” was no exception.

From April confronting Uncle George about her dad, to Brenna’s confession about being happy her sister’s life was falling apart (before she knew it was cancer, obviously), to April finally having to tell her mother and grandmother about the cancer, to April freaking out and needing some space after her less-than-stellar biopsy results, it was another roller coaster ride of an episode without the twists and turns, ups and downs feeling forced or unearned.

Even the little stuff was amazing, like Dominic having his own secret (“Orange Is the New Black” mommy) or Greer totally digging Brenna and Brenna being open to it (“I don’t define myself”).

And finally, in what is going to date me the way Beth felt old when Brenna didn’t know what “Pretty in Pink” was, I was delighted to see that Tom Irwin is playing April’s dad. “My So-Called Life” dad FTW.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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