italia ricci finding chemo chasing life 'Chasing Life's' Italia Ricci: April 'realizes how selfish she's been' with Dominick in 'Finding Chemo'The “Chasing Life” summer finale, titled “Finding Chemo,” sees April starting her seven days of chemotherapy followed by three weeks of staying in the hospital to be monitored. One of the major facets to April’s treatment is being strong and keeping a positive outlook, which actress Italia Ricci tells Zap2it is why April had to break off her friendship with Leo.

“She cut him off, yeah,” says Ricci. “She’s trying so hard to be as strong as
she can because she needs to be, and it broke her heart that she had to
do it, but she knew that’s what was best for her.”

Ricci tells us that despite her positive attitude, it turns out April isn’t quite as ready for chemo as she thinks she is.

“She thinks she’s ready for it,” says Ricci. “She thinks that she has done all
of her homework and she has got all of the people she needs for support
and she thinks she knows what to expect. She doesn’t want to, obviously,
but she thinks she’s ready, but as you will see, she’s obviously not.”

Executive producer Patrick Sean Smith adds, “She enters with trepidation but has the best outlook as she can.
But that’s challenged throughout the episode. [EPs Susanna Fogel and Joni Lefkowitz] wrote it from a place of
finding these firsts that April would be experiencing, from having the
catheter put in, to seeing the chemo, to anticipating her physical
reaction to the chemo. We were imagining we would really start to chip
away at April and really challenge her throughout her treatment.”

“The things we got excited about in the finale was not just showing the physical toll that April would go through, but really challenge her emotionally as well as psychologically,” he continues. “It felt like an opportunity to dig a little more into what she dealt with after her father’s accident and really kind of look back on that while at the same time having to deal with her not telling Dominick sooner about her illness.”

Speaking of Dominick, we’ve seen in a preview clip that he returns from Europe as soon as he learns of April’s illness. But things quickly get harder than ever because April has to be honest with him about how long she’s been sick.

“He feels bad for her, but he’s so hurt,” says Ricci. “She finally realizes how selfish she’s been by literally telling him last. She just wanted to hold on to what she had before she got cancer and she was totally selfish. It looks like it might be costing her her relationship.”

“Chasing Life’s” midseason finale airs Tuesday, Aug. 12 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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