chasing life scott michael foster italia ricci 'Chasing Life': Leo and April have 'a love hate scenario going on,' teases star Scott Michael Foster“Chasing Life” has introduced a new person in April’s life in Leo Hendrie, a gubernatorial candidate’s son who is also sick. Actor Scott Michael Foster tells Zap2it that even with the brain tumor, Leo seems like kind of a party boy jerk, but there’s more to the character than meets the eye.

“At first glance, he’s definitely got a ‘fly by the seat of your pants, I don’t give a s***’ attitude. As the episodes progress, you find out there’s definitely more going on. There’s definitely more to Leo than has been shown, there’s more to come,” says Foster. “He’s dealing with the realization that [the cancer returning] might be something he has to deal with until he’s dead, so it’s a much more sobering time for him. Instead of being a scared kid who got a second chance, that second chance is now gone and he feels that he just has to go as long as he can with it.”

“As the season goes on, you’ll find out that’s why he does what he does. It has more to do with life’s too short to worry about broken mirrors and hurt feelings. I think he definitely is like ‘I’m going to live the way I’m going to live and I don’t care,'” Foster continues. “At first that makes him sort of d***ish, but eventually you realize that he’s not just doing whatever he wants without thinking about the consequences. He’s also trying to take the opportunity he has to make not only his life better but other people’s lives better as well. You’ll find out more about that.”

Part of learning more about Leo will definitely stem from his new-found friendship with April. But is there a love triangle in the cards between April, Dominic and Leo?

“[April and Leo] build this friendship from April having an outlet that she doesn’t really have in her family, she has someone she can talk to who has the same thing going on,” says Foster. “A friendship happens with them, but there’s a love-hate scenario going on too, they sometimes can be at odds with each other.”

“[Leo and Dominic] have a few encounters down the road. I won’t say if it’s a love triangle thing, but they definitely have a few other meetings,” Foster says. “When I read the scripts, I was expecting something other than what was written. It wasn’t adversarial, necessarily.”

“Chasing Life” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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