gracie dzienny aisha dee chasing life season 1b When 'Chasing Life' returns, Greer's got a secret and Beth's got a crazy new roommate“Chasing Life” is jumping ahead four months when it returns in January for the back half of Season 1. Executive producer Patrick Sean Smith has already dished to Zap2it about the Leo-April-Dominic love triangle; here’s what’s in store for some of the other characters.

Brenna and Greer

“We establish in the holiday episode that Greer’s parents sent her away to a summer program. When we pick up four months later, Greer is returning and the girls are going back to school,” Smith says. “Brenna is optimistic that over four months time their parents would have relaxed a little bit, but she’s disappointed to see that they haven’t.

“So we start to see this difference between Greer and Brenna, where Greer is the good girl and Brenna, as we’ve seen, is clearly not. So we’ve created this Juliet-Juliet dynamic to see which way the girls go given where they start. And we really explore more of Greer in these next 10 episodes. She has a secret that comes out in the middle of 1b, but it’s something that we touched on lightly when the girls went to Florida. It tests their relationship and its future.”

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Beth and her new crazypants roomie

“[Crazy new roommate] will be back. The character is played by Beth Dover, who is insanely funny. When we pick up with Beth [the character], she has a job now working for a fashion designer, a ‘Greek’ alum whom I love, Nora Fitzpatrick, and Beth is living in a loft with this crazy person.”

Sarah and George

both aware of how unique their relationship is. But they’re also aware
of how damaging secrets can be, so there’s this push and pull of them
wanting to explore something they left behind decades ago. At the same
time, they’re scared to do it to the detriment of the family. It has a
fairly dramatic conclusion in the middle of [Season 1b] because of all

“Chasing Life” returns Monday, Jan. 19 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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