haley-ramm-gracie-dzienny-chasing-life-ABC-Family.jpg“Chasing Life’s” midseason finale mainly focused on April’s experience with chemo, throwing in a healthy dose of her love triangle with Leo and Dominick (whose fates you can find out about here). But what about the other storylines on the show? Zap2it has the details.

EP Patrick Sean Smith on Greer and Brenna: “When we pick up after our time jump, we do address their relationship. Greer is back, but it’s made complicated by their parents, which takes us to this place that we’re all really excited about — telling the story of Juliet and Juliet. Brenna’s such a rule-breaker and having her do that before sort of for evil instead of good, now it’s for the best of intentions while she tries to maintain a relationship with Greer despite their parents being against it.”

Smith on Brenna and Ford: “We’ll see them try to reconcile. It’s a little bit deeper in to the 10. We really thought that we had lost the actress Dylan Gelula to ‘Jennifer Falls,’ but they ended up shooting across the street from us, so by the time we were coming back into production for these 10, we realized that she was available to us — and we missed her. We really wanted to get back into that friendship that Brenna and Ford had and how that plays into Brenna’s relationship with Greer, so we’ll see Kieran, we’ll see Ford and we’ll see Greer.”

Smith on Raquel:
“How much humanity Raquel can muster while April’s going through this? But she still has her own agenda with what she wants at the newspaper and how she wants to get there.”

On if April’s father Thomas Carver (Tom Irwin) will return: “We would love to go there. We didn’t have the opportunity in these back 10 episodes, but it’s something we would love — to understand Thomas Carver more and as we get more into his backstory with Natalie and their relationship, I think it’s definitely fertile for much more of our series.”

And he adds that Natalie Ortiz is back in Season 1b “in a big way.”

As for the relationship between Sarah and Uncle George, star Italia Ricci confirms that their history will be explored in the backhalf of the season and laughs as she adds, “I think April would be really creeped out if she knew they kissed.”

“Chasing Life” has a holiday episode coming up in December and returns for Season 1b in January on ABC Family.

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