april leo chasing life finding chemo 'Chasing Life' summer finale: Is Leo dead? Holiday episode reveals his fate“Chasing Life” left viewers — especially Team Leo viewers — with a scary cliffhanger at the end of the midseason finale, “Finding Chemo.” Leo’s parents are at the hospital, he left April a voicemail and … fade to black.

Did he decide to have the surgery? Or is Leo facing his last moments?

“You definitely know the outcome in our holiday episode, which picks up right where we leave off in the finale,” executive producer Patrick Sean Smith tells Zap2it. “It was always kind of by design that we wanted to have this moment of fear and ambiguity over which way Leo is going. You’ll know the answer in December.”

Smith and star Italia Ricci also tease for us that the backhalf of Season 1 is more lighthearted than the first half, but there is still the underlying theme of cancer.

“How effective was the chemo in getting rid of her cancer but also keeping it away?” says Smith, of April’s concern once the show returns. “She is out of the hospital. The next 10 after the Christmas episode will pick up with her first day returning to work and the fallout of everything with Dominick. She’ll try to find some normalcy while she’s waiting to see if her cancer returns.”

Ricci adds, “It’s not quite as emotionally draining as the first half [of the season].
Almost all of the bad news has been pretty well dealt with, so the
writers wanted to have April have a little more fun. She gets to try and
live a normal life again.

“She goes out and gets wasted, she tries pot, she does really, really bad karaoke that I apologize for. [laughs] She tries
to live it up and they spend more time on everybody else’s stories, but
there’s the undertone of her constantly worrying that she’ll relapse,
and having to deal wtih still being around Dominick at work.”

Speaking of Dominick, we have to wonder if April and Dominick can survive the revelation that he was the last person in her life to know she was sick. Ricci says it’s going to be really tough.

“I feel like they could have gotten through it if he had never figured out that she and Leo had shared a moment,” Ricci tells us.

“Chasing Life” is airing a holiday episode in December and then returns for the second 10 episodes of Season 1 in January on ABC Family.

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