maria menounos 3 chasing maria menounos 'Chasing Maria Menounos': Former beauty queen admits 'I've worn Uggs under gowns'
Working the red carpet for “Extra,” Maria Menounos always looks perfect. In her Oxygen reality show, “Chasing Maria Menounos,” airing Tuesdays, viewers see another side of her, a side without the glam squad.
Let’s face it, though: The former beauty queen is not going to make the rogues’ gallery of celebrities who look like gargoyles without makeup. When not at work, Menounos still knows how to present herself.
“I was a makeup artist for a few years in Boston,” Menounos tells Zap2it. “I worked for Chanel, I worked for a bunch of different makeup lines, and I loved it. I love doing my own makeup, and have done my own on and off for years.”
The striped bustier and matching skirt are from Alice and Olivia, and Menounos wore the ensemble to the West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade last summer when she was grand marshal.
maria menounos 1 chasing mara menounos 'Chasing Maria Menounos': Former beauty queen admits 'I've worn Uggs under gowns'
Her “Extra” stylist found the outfit, and Menounos recalls she initially thought, “I want glitter. I want diamonds. I want sparkles. And she came to me with this. It is absolutely perfect. It is colorful.”
Overall, Menounos describes her style as, “classy, sexy, definitely a little more California casual. I like to be comfortable. Comfort is a really important thing.”
Even on the red carpet, where women have been known to suffer in the name of fashion, Menounos insists on a level of comfort.
“I’ve worn Uggs under the gown,” she says. “I actually got smarter, and I have these little cashmere slippers.”
The Johanna Johnson gown she wore to the Oscars was pretty heavy, she says, yet she loved it from the moment she tried it on.
maria menounos 2 chasing maria menounos 'Chasing Maria Menounos': Former beauty queen admits 'I've worn Uggs under gowns'
“I funked it up with a little cuff earrings, hair inspired by Dolce & Gabbana runway, and I did fun nails.”
For her 35th birthday party last year, Menounos did what so many wish they could: get carried around by well-muscled young men.
“That was really fun, and what was even more impressive was I had many drinks and was able to balance myself,” she says. The shorts are from Topshop, and the top is a Tommy Bahama bathing suit.
Incidentally, Menounos hates to shop and drags herself to stores maybe twice a year. Her favorites include H&M and Zara. She also loves Helmut Lang and Michael Kors.
“I dress for comfort,” she says. “I dress for my body. I think if women approach fashion that way, they would have less struggle. I could put something on right now, and it would not look good.”
She credits her mother, who is on “Chasing Maria Menounos,” for always being honest with her and telling her when something does not work.
“Know what your positives are,” Menounos says, “and stick to it. If you know something doesn’t work on you, why keep trying and making yourself feel bad?”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler