Do Chelsea Handler and Piers Morgan really despise one another as much as they made it seem during his appearance on “Chelsea Lately”? We hope so, because boy do they make great television together.

The two traded verbal barbs all throughout the interview, which can be watched above. We’ve compiled their best quips below, from Handler referring to his “molester eyes” to Morgan saying she’s “like a bad boomerang”:

– When Handler asks Morgan why he keeps staring at her, he answers, “”Either you’ve had plastic surgery or a makeover as you look really hot today.”

– Her response? “I specifically covered up so you couldn’t look at me and undress me with your molester eyes.”

– “Normally when I come on the show you are really hung over in a really unprofessional way,” Morgan states.

– When Handler brings up the fact she “has to” do Morgan’s show, he jokes, “She keeps coming back like a bad boomerang; you chuck her away and she just sucks back in.”

– Morgan mentions that he’s thinking of adding a live audience to “Piers Morgan Tonight,” Handler comments that he doesn’t have much room in the studio for one. “Well, I haven’t got room for this few people,” he responds, mocking her own crowd.

– The winning insult comes from Handler, though, After Morgan says he’s a better interview than her, she replies, “You can suck my a**.”

Who do you think came out the victor in this faceoff?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz