chelsea handler vma Chelsea Handler on Jennifer Aniston, 'After Lately' and hooking up with a rapper

Chelsea Handler opens up to fellow female pioneer, Katie Couric, about everything from what makes her laugh, to future aspirations, and the ever present 50 Cent rumor in Glamour.
The woman behind “Chelsea Lately” and three gut-busting memoirs is always keeping people on their toes. But when it comes to making Chelsea laugh, there’s one name that stands above the rest. 
Jennifer Aniston,” she says. “She’s irreverent and hilarious, and she sends me really, really funny e-mails.”
We just have one question: How can we get on this e-mail list? 

Until we can concoct a feasible plan to become Chelsea (and Jen’s) new BFF, we’ll settle for a second daily dose of the E! late-night hit when “After Lately” premieres in spring of 2011. 
“It’s basically like ‘Chelsea Lately,’ but after the show,” she dishes. “It’s unscripted, it’s very tongue-in-cheek, and it’s all about what goes on behind-the-scenes of our office.” Based on the snippets we’ve already seen, we’re pretty sure it’s going to be hysterical. 

Even with a new E! program on the way, Chelsea says she’s open to expanding her empire beyond its continuously expanding limits.
“I definitely want to move on and do something bigger, expand my horizons,” she admits. “Talking about celebrity every day can just fry your brain. I want to be able to talk about politics, I want to be able to talk about sports, I want to be able to talk about life paths, not just celebrity driven. When my contract’s up at E!, I’m going to figure out all the options and see if anybody still wants to give me a job.”
At the rate she’s going, we don’t think she’ll have much trouble when the time comes. Which by the way, is in 2012. 
We can’t very well write about Chelsea Handler and not mention her highly speculated love life. So on a side note, when it comes to a boyfriend, her sentiment is, “There’s none worth mentioning at this point.”
Ouch, but it seems there’s still hope for friend, 50 Cent. 
Chelsea admits, “He’s really cute, and I have to be honest, there’s a good chance that I will end up hooking up with a rapper at some point.”
Posted by:Sophie Schillaci