robert osborne cher tcm Cher shares some of her favorite films with TCMCher knows a bit about strong women making their way in the world.This knowledge helped her she picked movies for TCM’s “A Woman’s World: The Defining Era of Women on Film” starting Friday (April 5).

“They wanted to show women from several different lights in the war years, and wanted to show how integral women were as nurses in the war, as women in the war, in the workforce, staying home, to show how women were able to cope with the war, and how we could not have won without them even though they did not get accolades, and were told to leave the minute the men came home,” Cher tells Zap2it. “The war freed them — they were mothers and wives that was their role.”

Among her picks are “His Girl Friday” (1940) where Roz Russell plays a reporter, who not only tackles an officious bureaucrat, but has Cary Grant has her editor and, eventually, husband.

Cher also picked “Mildred Pierce” (1945) the Joan Crawford soap, featuring a selfless mom who sacrifices everything for her selfish, vain daughter.

And there is the original “The Women” (1939) where, though men are talked about, not one is seen.

All black and whites, and all absolutely perfect movies.

Cher co-hosts with Robert “Robbie” Osborne.

“He’s Robbie to me,” Cher says.

“He is more wonderful than you can possibly imagine,” Cher says of Osborne. “We never stop talking. All kinds of things are happening while we are talking. The camera is on a dolly and they reset [the lights] and they will be waiting for us and we hear, ‘ahem.’ I could talk to him about everything. One of the production crew said, ‘Only you and Kareem Abdul Jabbar came without notes.”

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Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler