Models Cheryl Tiegs, Beverly Johnson, Stephanie Seymour and Christie Brinkley joined in for a supermodel reunion on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”

The women all talked about getting started modeling and how hard it is to go through the aging process as a woman. But Cheryl doesn’t think it’s any harder for a supermodel than it is for anyone else. “I think every woman, maybe every man, looks in the mirror and says, ‘Oh my God, there’s a wrinkle,'” Cheryl says. “So we’re all in the same boat.”

Christie Brinkley talks about keeping herself looking so great into your 50s and 60s. She cites her vegetarian diet and workout regimen, plus “great genes.” “My mom, at 80, is gorgeous,” says Brinkley. But she does say that every woman needs a great dermatologist.

Beverly Johnson says that her goal as she ages is to use her fame to be a voice for domestic violence survivors. “I am a victim of domestic violence. I just think we’ve become so desensitized towards women being beaten and abused and murdered that everybody just thinks it’s okay, and it’s not.”

Stephanie Seymour addresses the recent scandal over some pictures taken of her and her son. You can read what she had to say here.

Watch the video above for a large chunk of the interview. We particularly enjoy the “Family Feud”-esque way the women were introduced.

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