jason beghe chicago pd nbc newscom 325 'Chicago PD': Jason Beghe's 'Chicago Fire' character has stories to tellZap2it: You’ve been acting for so long, what does it mean to you now to land the showcase role of Sgt. Hank Voight on “Chicago PD”?

Jason Beghe: I’ve been relatively successful, but it’s kind of “one day at a time.” I have a welcome sense of responsibility with those, but it’s a collaborative piece. I guess the answer is that I don’t feel daunted by this at all, really.

I like acting, and I’ve always worked. I know actors sometimes say that when a job ends, they feel like they’re never going to work again, but work always comes, and some jobs are better than others.

Zap2it: Does it strike you that you’re the first among equals in the cast, given Voight’s position as the squad’s leader?

Jason Beghe: The job is not so much thinking about me or how great I’m doing. It’s about “How do we make this better?” There are a lot of jobs at stake on this, not just mine. I feel happy, but I’m not jumping up and down, celebrating. I’m more of a mind of doing my job the best I can, and that’s what makes me happy.

Zap2it: After you initially appeared on “Chicago Fire” as Voight, did you think there would be additional life for the character?

Jason Beghe: I believed so to some degree, but I wasn’t expecting anything. At the same time, I wasn’t stunned when I got the call to do this. For a lot of reasons, I decided I had to do a little bit more in my career at this point, and things started to happen. I guess I was ready to go.

Posted by:Jay Bobbin