“Chicago PD,” a “Chicago Fire” spinoff and midseason entry into NBC’s dramas, has proven itself enough of a hit to earn a Season 2 from the network. Two of the show’s stars, Jon Seda and Jesse Lee Soffer, talked to Zap2it at NBC’s upfront about the Season 1 finale and what fans can expect for Season 2.

“I don’t think we were expecting anything!” Seda (Detective Antonio Dawson) exclaims when asked about how it feels to be a success coming out of midseason. “We didn’t know what to expect,” Soffer (Detective Jay Halstead) adds.

But the two actors are obviously pleased that the show will continue. Fans should be excited too, seeing as they are likely to have plenty of questions when the first season wraps. “End of the season, there’s a huge cliffhanger — Lindsay [Sophia Bush] gets into some serious trouble,” Soffer teases. “We get to see a little more of that dark past a little bit. And a really intense, suspenseful ending that’s going to leave the audience hanging for next year.”

What is coming up in that next year? One of the things both actors teased is an increase in the number of crossovers between “Chicago PD” and “Chicago Fire.”

“It’s going to happen a lot more often, I think,” Soffer explains. “I think every episode from now on, they’re going to have a couple characters from one show on the other.”

“What’s cool is we don’t even know, when we’re going into the new season — who is going to be crossing over?” Seda says. “It could be me, it could be Jesse, Jason [Beghe] — I don’t know!”

“Chicago PD” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown