chord overstreet glee tap 320 Chord Overstreet returns to 'Glee' (officially). Who should he hook up with this time?Now that the news of McKinley High’s troutiest-mouthed student returning to Lima is official, we can get down to business — speculating what, exactly, Chord Overstreet will be doing when he returns to “Glee” in December.

Let’s be honest — there’s no way Sam and his big mouth can go back to the show and not romance at least one person, so the only question we have is: who will it be?
Sam’s already gotten his mack on with Santana, Quinn and Mercedes, so the easiest assumption is that he might rekindle his flame with one of those ladies. Though we’re not going to discount Sam helping Quinn get back on track after her rebellious summer or Santana snagging him back just because she’s bored, Mercedes seems the most likely option of the three. 
Since Mercedes seems to finally be getting her well-deserved plotlines and isn’t just being trotted out to wail at the end of a number anymore, we’d love to see Sam’s return cause a little trouble in her new relationship with Marcus. A commenter in our last post mentioned they thought Mercedes was pregnant, which could be an interesting twist. Plus it would totally make sense in terms of the “Dreamgirls” plot that was echoed in “Asian F.” But considering the teen pregnancy storyline that took up most of Season 1, that might be a little far-fetched.
Plenty of people told us when the news broke that they’d love for Sam to become Kurt’s newest love interest, but we’re just not buying that happening. Kurt’s got Blaine, Karovsky and a new character, Sebastian, to contend with, so adding a new coming-out story to the mix seems like Kurt overload, which would repeat some of the mistakes of last season (Kurt = excellent, too much Kurt makes us dislike him, which in turn makes us resent the writers for making us dislike such a great character).
Of the female New Directions members, that leaves Brittany (too much blonde in one place), Rachel (too much Finn to contend with), Tina (too much Mike Chang’s abs to compete with). We’d happily welcome a romance with Lauren Zizes, just because Ashley Fink is so awesome, but that doesn’t seem very likely either. If Sam joins Shelby Corcoran’s rival glee club like we suspect, perhaps we’ll see some sparks with new student Sugar Motta. They’re both kind of dumb, so that actually sounds perfect.
Who’d you like to see Sam hook up with when he makes his triumphant return just before sectionals?
Posted by:Jean Bentley