chris brown charged hit and run Chris Brown charged with hit and run, facing years in prison

Chris Brown, did you really think no one in Los Angeles would recognize you when you rear-ended someone driving while around Tinseltown? The musician reportedly refused to give the person whose Mercedes he hit his driver’s license number, and then proceeded to provide fake insurance information.

He’s now been charged with two big hits: driving without a license and leaving the scene without exchanging proper information.

TMZ reports that Brown is looking at a maximum of six months in jail for both offenses, meaning that he could be behind bars for a total of one year.

But that’s not all he’s in trouble for. It’s also being reported that the City Attorney is referring the case to the Los Angeles County District Attorney as a possible probation violation. If he’s found guilty of breaking the law and thus violating his probation, he could get a four-year prison sentence.

Of course, celebrities have gotten off in situations far worse than this, so Brown likely won’t spend too much time behind bars — if any. Still, hopefully this serves as a wakeup call that just because he’s a celebrity doesn’t mean he can do whatever he wants.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz