rihanna chris brown grammy  Chris Brown joining Rihanna for song 'Birthday Cake': What do you think of the collaboration?It appears that the unthinkable has happened. It seems very likely, based on reports from reliable sources, that Chris Brown and Rihanna have reunited for the remix of her song “Birthday Cake,” set to be released next week.

“The feature on there is gonna shock the world,” producer Kosine tells MTV. Rumors spread prior to the Grammy Awards that Rihanna and Brown spent some time in the recording studio together.

“Let them be mad!!!! Don’t like it, don’t listen! Turn up the music remix is coming soon too! Guess who’s on it?” Brown tweeted on Friday.

The song is an innuendo-heavy, highly sexualized track. The “Birthday Cake” in question actually refers to female anatomy. Nice, right?

Brown and Rihanna may also have reunited romantically. Last weekend, they spent four hours alone in her dressing room together during Grammy rehearsals, and he attended her recent birthday party.

Reaction to the assumed collaboration has been mixed. Some fans feel that Brown has done his time and that if Rihanna has forgiven his transgressions, the public should, as well. Others feel that he appears to the public to be without remorse and that Rihanna is setting a poor example for young female fans by reuniting with him and supporting his career.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie