chris brown lied rihanna gi Chris Brown lied? Rihanna assault community service was faked, says DAThe district attorney in Los Angeles has filed a motion that claims Chris Brown is a big, fat liar and likely never completed the community service ordered by the court as punishment for his 2009 Grammy Eve assault on Rihanna.

As part of a plea deal that gave Brown five years probation for allegedly choking, biting, and repeatedly punching his then girlfriend with a closed fist, he was required to perform six months of “labor-oriented” service and participate in domestic violence counseling for one year.

Brown had the community service transferred to Virginia, where he has a residence, and his attorney told the court he completed the 1,400 required service hours. But according to a report by the Los Angeles Times, the DA says he’s a faker and there is “no credible, competent or verifiable evidence that Defendant Brown performed his community labor.”

Prosecutors note “significant discrepancies” in Brown’s labor report and say no one from Virginia’s Department of Corrections “ever approved, scheduled, supervised, monitored, or verified any of the community labor reported.”  

The legal motion requests that the LA judge refuse to accept Brown’s community service. In that case, he would be forced to repeat — or perform for the first time, depending on who you believe — the required labor, or face jail time.

Since his sentencing, Brown has proven his remorse and changed ways by throwing a chair through a window on the “Today” show set, reportedly snatching a phone from a female fan, attacking a female writer with misogynistic Twitter rants, and allegedly punching Drake at a nightclub and assaulting Frank Ocean at a recording studio.

As for Rihanna, she recently revealed to Rolling Stone, she is definitely seeing Chris again, but explains things between them are different this time around. “We don’t have those types of arguments anymore,” she says. “We value each other.” She adds that Chris “doesn’t have the luxury of f***ing up again.”

Wonder what she’ll have to say about his latest courtroom drama then.

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