chris brown nude Chris Brown nude pics surface: Karma exists!Excuse us if we’re having trouble feeling any sympathy for Chris Brown after a nude self-portrait – iPhone style, because he’s classy like that – was leaked by one of his ex-girlfriends.
]]>video (not safe for work, children, crowded places, grandparents’ houses, family dinners, Rihanna fans, or church fundraisers) was taken in a bathroom when Brown was in the mood for a little sexting. His reaction? As soon as the pic hit the web, Brown tweeted, “WTF!!! Here we go!!!” The status remained on his Twitter page for about 8 minutes before he deleted it, probably realizing that calling more attention to the situation wasn’t necessarily in his best interest as he makes an attempt to rehabilitate his severely damaged reputation. We’re sure his PR reps love their jobs right about now. chris brown nude tweet Chris Brown nude pics surface: Karma exists!

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie