chris christie saturday night live fleece Chris Christie on 'Saturday Night Live': Rate the N.J. governor's 'Weekend Update' cameo and other must  see sketchesNew Jersey Governor Chris Christie made a surprise appearance on “Saturday Night Live” last night (Nov. 17).

Joining Seth Meyers on the “Weekend Update” segment, the straight-shooting politico’s commentary centered around Hurricane Sandy. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, he offered thanks for everyone’s contributions in the aftermath of the disaster. Sporting his now-famous “Chris Christie, Governor” fleece, he even gave props to his wife for tolerating “a husband who has smelled like a wet fleece for the last three weeks.”

He also called out those who do not deserve his gratitude. “I do not thank any of the stupid mayors who ignored my evacuation orders,” he railed. “They’re idiots. And when you ignore me, it makes you look like a real Seth Meyers.”

Gov. Christie signs off by quoting a great “poet” — actually the lyrics to “Atlantic City” from New Jersey’s own Bruce Springsteen.

How does the governor’s appearance rate against host Jeremy Renner and the show’s other sketches? Check ’em out below and weigh in.

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