chris hemsworth details cover Chris Hemsworth calls 'Home and Away' sexy lifeguard role 'mind numbing' while posing poolside for 'Details'

There was a time in his career where Chris Hemsworth wasn’t the Asgardian god in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. With “Thor: The Dark World” heading to theaters, Hemsworth is looking back on the job that started it all, when he was an Australian soap opera star on “Home and Away.”
“We shot 20 scenes a day, five shows a week,” Hemsworth tells Details magazine while posing for photos poolside. He appeared in 184 episodes of the series, playing a hunky writer and lifeguard names Kim Hyde. While the experience helped hone his craft, it wasn’t all good times. “Three and a half years playing the same character can be sort of mind-numbing,” he admits. “My character was in a fire, a cyclone, a helicopter crash, a plane crash. I was hoping for a big, dramatic death.” He didn’t get one though, instead his character simply moved away.
Hemsworth did the same thing, making tracks for Los Angeles to try his hand at Hollywood. A small role in the “Star Trek” reboot followed, before he worked with Joss Whedon on “Cabin in the Woods.” Whedon passed him along to director Kenneth Branagh for “Thor,” and now he’s a pivotal part of the biggest franchise in movies.
While some might think Hemsworth’s rise has happened quickly, he points out how hard he’s worked since beginning his career in 2002. If that’s not enough of an explanation for his success, Chris jokes, “My family’s in the Mafia. A couple of threats and bunch of cash goes a long way.” Perhaps that’s how his brother, Liam Hemsworth, is following in Chris’ footsteps as one of the stars of “The Hunger Games.”
For more of Hemsworth hanging out in paradise, check out a behind the scenes video of his photo shoot:

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