chris hemsworth thor live with kelly and michael gi Chris Hemsworth: 'Thor,' 'Dancing with the Stars' and the Outback on 'Live with Kelly and Michael'

Chris Hemsworth is spilling a lot of information while promoting his upcoming film, “Thor: The Dark World.” While on “Live with Kelly and Michael,” the Australian actor talked about “Dancing with the Stars,” growing up in the Outback and competing against his brother, Liam Hemsworth.

Hemsworth apparently competed on a past season of “Dancing with the Stars” in Australia. They take the competition seriously over there, which was a bit of a difficulty for Hemsworth. “I couldn’t dance,” he said during his interview. “It was the most intimidating thing I’ve ever done … I wasn’t very good.”

For the record, he came in fifth place.

On a very different note, Hemsworth also talked about his childhood in which the boys went without a TV for years. Surprisingly, the actor credits this as part of his motivation to get into acting. “We lived in Northern Territory in an aboriginal community,” Hemsworth explained. “It definitely kicked off a vivid imagination. We read a lot of books … I wanted to leap into those fantasy worlds!”

And jump into a fantasy world he did. Chris’ younger brother, Liam, tried to jump into the world of “Thor” too. Both brothers tried to win the title role in the action film, but Chris came out on top (not that Liam has been doing badly).

Speaking of “Thor,” Chris Hemworth finished up his interview with a description of the diet that got him in shape to play the mighty warrior. “For ‘Thor,’ it’s buckets of protein. Animals, basically,” the actor joked.

Posted by:Laurel Brown