chris medina idol Chris Medina not invited to 'American Idol' finale, tweets disappointmentOne person who won’t be attending the “American Idol” finale next week? Former hopeful Chris Medina. Not because he doesn’t want to go, but because he wasn’t invited.

On Tuesday, May 17, the singer tweeted, “Just found out I will not be at the finale for sad and disappointed.”

When a fan asked why he would not be attending, he explained, “Not asked. Then I asked for tickets and I told they can’t. No harsh feelings.”

Medina was featured prominently in the early rounds of the competition due to his back story — he was trying to make a better life for his fiance who suffered a brain injury in a car accident. Fans were shocked when the judges didn’t send Medina through to the Top 24, a decision that nearly made Jennifer Lopez quit the show.

After the media picked up his tweets about not being invited to the finale, Medina tweeted: “Just want to let everyone know including that I truly do not have bad feelings toward the show. They have helped me more than anyone will ever know! They created the opportunity to do what I love to help the person I love. I was simply …disappointed. I never felt nor will I feel cheated. Love everyone.”

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