chris pratt esquire mustache Chris Pratt rocks a mustache and explains how he fell for Anna Faris in Esquire

Chris Pratt has been rocking the unshaven look for “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Jurassic World,” but during a photo shoot for Esquire‘s September issue, he went full mustache and looks amazing sporting it.
Even in his chubby “Parks and Recreation” days, Pratt has always been a man easy to love. Now that he’s in full macho-man mode, he has captured the world’s attention. The Esquire article delves into Pratt’s love of guns and why his “G.I. Joe” audition embarrassed him, but it’s the story of how he fell for now-wife Anna Faris that truly tugs the heartstrings.
Esquire writes, “When he goes to dinner with his wife, the actress Anna Faris, she always decides what they order. Pratt met Faris in 2007 on the set of ‘Take Me Home Tonight,’ during the last sputters of her first marriage. She was hot and funny, but she wasn’t single, so there were no stakes. Why even bother trying to be the kind of guy she would date?
“When Faris came over to his apartment, he left porn magazines out. She didn’t mind. He detailed sexual encounters he had recently had as a single man in Los Angeles. She was into it. Into it into it? Into it into it. So when she called him to tell him that she had left her husband, Pratt decided he was going to marry her. He also decided he would be more like her, that he would study her and learn her sweet patience the way he’s learned to be a gentleman from his military friend.”

The full Esquire interview hits store shelves on Aug. 12.
chris pratt esquire cover Chris Pratt rocks a mustache and explains how he fell for Anna Faris in Esquire

Posted by:Terri Schwartz