chris pratt delivery man thanksgiving anna faris Chris Pratt talks 'Delivery Man,' Anna Faris Thanksgiving plans and son Jack

In the new movie “Delivery Man,” “Parks and Recreation” star Chris Pratt plays a man named Brett who is a frustrated single father of an undisciplined brood of children. In real life, Pratt is much happier. Now home with wife Anna Faris and son Jack after shooting “Guardians of the Galaxy” in London for several months, the 34-year-old actor is all about family time as we head into Thanksgiving.

Zap2it had a chance to sit down with Pratt to talk about what initially drew him to “Delivery Man,” which is a remake of the Canadian film “Starbuck” from that movie’s director, Ken Scott. He also talks about his Thanksgiving plans, why he knows so much about turkeys and whether his dog or his 15-month-old is more obedient.

Zap2it: More than being a family movie, “Delivery Man” is really a movie about family. Is that a message that was important for you to portray in a movie?

Chris Pratt: What drew me to this movie most was how much I loved the original, “Starbuck.” A foreign language film, which I don’t see a lot of foreign language films. I saw this one, I really loved it. I thought the director was good. I thought it made me feel good; it made me laugh out loud. It was like I watched it, I had no idea what to expect, and given the premise I thought it was going to be something silly, but it wasn’t. It was something really grounded and it did have these themes that it dealt with in terms of family, caring, investing in other people; like, these uplifting themes. I just loved the movie, and that’s what drew me to it was I just really loved the original and I knew it was going to be the same director bringing it to an American audience, and I just jumped. That and Vince Vaughn. I just jumped at the chance to work with them.

A lot of the funniest scenes with you are between Brett and his kids. Is your son Jack at the point yet where he selectively doesn’t listen to you?

I think if I stay on top of it I’ll avoid that. He’s starting now to test me and to test us. For instance, no cords. He can’t touch cords that are coming out of a wall, into a lamp or an alarm clock, whatever. So he’ll crawl towards it and we’ll say, “Jack, no cords.” And he’ll look up and then he’ll slowly put his hand towards it. He was doing this more so a few weeks ago. And I’d say, “Uh uh uh,” and then he would stop and move on. So every time he sees a cord now, he walks over and [tests us]. We play a game called “Cords? I Wasn’t Going To Touch The Cords.” I say, “No,” and he’s like, psych. So he’s starting to test me like that.

chris pratt son jack twitter home Chris Pratt talks 'Delivery Man,' Anna Faris Thanksgiving plans and son Jack

But I have a dog that used to be so obedient but now won’t listen. He’s like selectively deaf. If I even whisper the word “treat” he’ll come running across the room, but if I catch him pooping, if I see a pile of poop in the living room or something, I yell his name, all of the sudden he can’t hear me. It’s tough, it’s tough. What do you do?

Well hopefully Jack won’t start doing that.

[laughs] I hope so. I hope I can train my son better than I can train my dog.

With this movie coming out around Thanksgiving, what are your plans this year?

We have done Thanksgiving over the past few years in the Faris household, which is my wife’s mom and dad, Karen and Jack, and they just go all out. This year’s going to be just so great. My mom is coming, Anna’s mom and dad will be there, her aunts and uncles, cousins, friends. We have certain traditions that we’ve always upheld over the past few years. Anna’s brother Bob and I shoot some squirrels and we cook those up and then we do a couple of really nice heritage turkeys.

I have never even heard of that.

A heritage turkey is a turkey that is certified to be of the bloodline of the original turkeys that the Pilgrims ate. Heritage is a thing now. It’s like how something can be marked as organic or GMO free or whatever. Heritage means that it has the certification to be of a farmer that raises them to certain standards and has a bloodline of turkey or something like that. They’re super expensive, super delicious, all dark meat — even the breast is dark. They’re closer to a wild turkey than a farmer’s turkey. Speaking of insemination, like “Delivery Man,” most turkeys, their breasts are too big for them to even mate. 

You know a lot about turkeys.

I’ve learned a lot about turkeys from my darling mother-in-law is really passionate about this. They don’t mate and they don’t fly because they’re just too juiced out. So these are turkeys that mate and they fly and they have to be kept in pens and they’re like a whole world of difference. So we do turkeys, we do pies, squirrel, and we have the whole family together. We drink fabulous wine and we do go-arounds of what we’re thankful for and say a nice prayer and it’s just going to be great.

“Delivery Man” is due in theaters on Nov. 22.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz