chris pratt drinking Chris Pratt talks side effect of not drinking, how babies are like houseplants

When it was time for Chris Pratt to get in shape for “Guardians of the Galaxy,” he was tipping the scales at nearly 300 pounds after filming “Delivery Man.” Pratt has been very vocal about how not drinking beer helped him along in the process. On “The Tonight Show” though, he says there was an unforeseen side effect.
“I’m not like a huge alcoholic or anything,” he tells Jay Leno. “I stopped drinking alcohol for eight months and I realized from time to time I got grumpy. It’s a nice social lubricant.” Pratt has since wrapped the movie though and returned home to his family, which was a whole other experience.
When Chris left to film in Europe, his son Jack, with wife Anna Faris, was only six months old. While he was naturally going to miss the child, Pratt says there’s only go much you can do at that age. “Babies at six months old, they’re like houseplants,” he explains. “They’re there but there’s not much reciprocation.”
Things were completely different when he came home five months later, however. Chris was afraid his son wouldn’t recognize him, even though they regularly Skyped. Luckily Jack was overjoyed to see his dad return home and Pratt noticed how much his son had changed while he was away. “This little blob of flesh, this little poop machine … He became this darling little personality, this little boy,” he says.

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