chris pratt fat Chris Pratt wants to weigh 300 pounds for 'Starbuck' starring Vince Vaughn

If you’ve noticed that Andy has been looking a little round in “Park and Recreation,” then Chris Pratt has been doing his job right. The actor has revealed that he’s been packing on the pounds since June to prepare for his role opposite Vince Vaughn in “Starbuck,” and he’s hoping to hit the big 300 by November.

“This is what 275 looks like,” he tells Vulture in a new interview, reportedly rubbing his belly in pride. “All man right here.”

Pratt’s body has been constantly in flux for the past few years. He toned up to play a baseball player in 2011’s “Moneyball,” but then had to pudge up again for “Parks and Recreation.” Similarly, Pratt got in great shape earlier this year to shoot Kathryn Bigelow‘s “Zero Dark Thirty,” but now is packing on the pounds for “Starbuck.” He plays a lawyer in the movie, while Vaughn portrays a man who learns he’s sired 533 children after repeated sperm donations.

Fortunately, this constant working out and then fattening up regimen isn’t a trial for Pratt. The husband of Anna Faris admits that he likes the challenge of having to change his body for a role.

“I just like to gain weight and lose weight,” he says, though he admits he’s been feeling a loss of energy because of the extra pounds. “It’s a rollercoaster. I just want to do this. I want to touch God.” He then adds, “Sorry, I almost have to take a nap now just from that talk.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz