chrissy teigen farrah abraham whore Chrissy Teigen to Farrah Abraham: 'You're a whore and everyone hates you'

After Farrah Abraham was spotted buying a pregnancy test following the release of her sex tape with porn star James Deen, model Chrissy Teigen took to Twitter to mock the former “Teen Mom” star and call her a “whore.” The tweet was met with some support but also overwhelming backlash as Twitter users reprimanded Teigen for “slut-shaming”

The tweet that started it all reads, “farrah abraham now thinks she is pregnant from her sex tape. in other news you’re a whore and everyone hates you whoops not other news sorry.”

Tiegen quickly did become sorry, as her followers decried her as a “slut-shamer” and said her behavior was improper in the situation.

“wow. amazed to see the outrage behind calling a staged leaked sex tape chick from teen mom exactly what she is. go on with your bad selves,” Teigen tweets. “Ok so what I have learned today is slut shaming is a thing like bullying. Do NOT bully sluts, guys.”

She continues, “Guys. We have a real problem here. People are really defending backdoor teem mom hardcore [porn] … Are we really gonna pretend like this girl just had an accidentally leaked sex tape? seriously?? what the f*** is wrong with you?”

The more Teigen tried to defend herself, the louder her detractors became.

“Does calling this ‘slut shaming’ make you feel better? Like pulling the bully card? I’m all for sexuality, hello,” she tweets. “Disgusted at your lack of being disgusted. Go away. Unfollow. You make me sick. … Not thinking you guys understand what ‘shame’ is. And I hate it. Shame isn’t bullying. … ladies: you aren’t a super feminist for okaying super whores. you don’t need to defend EVERYone with a vagina.”

Teigen adds, “Sex is great. Being sexual is great. But your outrage is severely misplaced here. … I keep reading my tweets over and over seeing if I can understand why you’re SO mad. I can’t. I stand by everything. … I believe in strong women. F***, I love women. But a spade is a spade. And we can do better.”

But that didn’t change how people were responding. Her rant continues, “Now I am a ‘slut shamer’. My god. Please get me a time machine so I can get out of here asap. … why is ‘slut shamer’ a defended term? you guys know slut is a negative term, right? work on changing that. … if you think i am ‘shaming’ her for simply having sex, you are simply a f***ing idiot … We just have two completely different definitions of ‘slut shaming’. I think of the word ‘slut’ as being negative, and you do not. … i get it. you are wrongfully offended by something so you made up a term to make it bullying. whatever makes you feel better.”

For her part, Abraham has not responded to Teigen on Twitter.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz