revenge christa Christa B. Allen talks 'Revenge's' awkward family dinnerAs Charlotte on “Revenge,” 19-year-old Christa B. Allen has the opportunity to toy with teenage rebellion week after week. For Allen, Charlotte is much more than a privileged girl who gets a $200,000 car as a consolation prize for her mother’s love.

“I love that Charlotte isn’t afraid to speak her mind and to do what’s right for her,” Allen tells us. “I personally love to see that on screen because she’s a great role model for other teenage girls. It always has been for me, so I hope that I can bring that to the screen in Charlotte.”

Charlotte’s relationship with Declan is getting more serious, but we can’t help but wonder if part of the attraction is the fact that Charlotte’s mother, Victoria, seriously disapproves. “I think that’s definitely an aspect of it,” Allen says. “Victoria doesn’t hate Declan, but it’s certainly not her first choice for Charlotte. I think Charlotte is 17 and Declan’s 17, and this is them kind of figuring out what’s best for them. At that age, you’re always so sure that’s the one, forever and ever. They’re still very young. Who knows.”

This week’s episode features the Graysons’ 25th wedding anniversary… and a rather awkward family dinner. “You can expect some real honesty at that dinner,” Allen laughs. “It’s an interesting coming together of characters that we don’t usually get to see interact, so that in itself creates an interesting dynamic. It’s actually pretty funny.”

Aside from being collateral damage in Emily’s plot against her therapist, Charlotte has mostly avoided the vengeful wrath. Allen assures us that we will be seeing more developments between Emily and Charlotte in upcoming episodes.

revenge declan charlotte Christa B. Allen talks 'Revenge's' awkward family dinner“Definitely,” she says. “You’re going to see even more of the backstory and how all of these characters became involved with one another, and why Emily is so interested in this family. Obviously a lot has come out so far, but right now everyone’s so involved with their respective love interests, but once those stories flesh out we’ll get further into the family dynamics and Emily’s involvement.”

We’ve got some theories… particularly involving Charlotte’s paternity. But we’ll leave those for you all to speculate on.

As for Charlotte’s fractured relationship with Victoria — that’s going to get worse before it gets better. “Just when you think you’ve seen the worst of Victoria, she gets more twisted,” teases Allen.

We believe it!

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie