christopher gorham covert affairs director gi Christopher Gorham: 'Covert Affairs' cast hazed me as directorChristopher Gorham says Thursday night’s (Nov. 7) episode of “Covert Affairs” will see some fallout from what his character Auggie Anderson did on last week’s episode. And he should know, because he directed it.

“They like to haze me when I’m directing,” Gorham tells “Good Day LA” of his castmates. They created coffee mugs for the cast and crew that are emblazoned with an image of Gorham in a T-shirt. But the shirt disappears when the mugs are filled with hot coffee. Yowza.
Gorham says all in all the cast and writers of “Covert Affairs” have been very supportive of his directorial efforts. He’s now hoping to land on a list of the hottest directors — if such a list exists. Though he admits directing is a lot of work. “My acting job was never easier than the day after I wrapped my directing job,” he says.

The cast just returned from Hong Kong, where Gorham says the next two episodes take place. But first, Thursday’s episode will see Auggie and Annie Walker (Piper Perabo) in the same room for the first time in months. 

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