chuck vs santa suit 'Chuck' (and Stan Lee) get into the Christmas spiritThanks to the teasers at the end of last week’s “Chuck,” we already know about the bad guy this week. (If you’ve avoided them, however, you should probably skip the next paragraph.)

We’re not sure how we feel about Brandon Routh‘s return as Shaw — or rather, how we feel about knowing about it in advance. We know we’re in the minority in not having minded the character the first time around, but his comeback is a reveal we would’ve preferred not to see ahead of time.

Anyway, the confrontation isn’t the only thing happening in “Chuck vs. the Santa Suit,” as you can see in the two clips below. Chuck (Zachary Levi) is accompanying Gen. Beckman (Bonita Fredericy) to a CIA Christmas party, presumably in an attempt to find out who’s been pulling the agency strings, and he finds out that none other than comic-book legend Stan Lee is an operative — one who, incidentally, has the hots for the general.

Chuck and Morgan (Joshua Gomez) also get a glimpse at the softer side of one John Casey (Adam Baldwin) — much to Casey’s discomfort and our delight. The episode airs at 8 p.m. ET Friday on NBC. Take a look at the clips:

Posted by:Rick Porter