“Chuck” ended its last episode with the principals of Carmichael Industries on the run, and a life in hiding is not sitting well with at least one member of the team.

In the clip above from Friday’s (Dec. 16) episode, “Chuck vs. the Curse,” Chuck (Zachary Levi) thinks that the fact that he had to leave people behind in order to protect them is the latest instance of a family curse. It probably doesn’t help that he’s in an isolated cabin, the way his dad was for many years.

Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) assures Chuck that he’s not cursed, but they then hit a wall in trying to figure out who’s really behind the vendetta against him.

Meanwhile, Morgan (Joshua Gomez) seems to have mended things with Alex (Mekenna Melvin) — or at least managed to get her talking to him again — when he comes face to face (more or less; height joke!) with the latest CIA agent who has taken the late Clyde Decker’s place in hunting Chuck. Her name is Robin Cunnings, she’s played by Rebecca Romijn, and she doesn’t appear to like getting the runaround. Take a look:

Posted by:Rick Porter