chuck vs bearded bandit 'Chuck': 'Epic' Sarah episode, more big shakeups on the way, co creator Chris Fedak saysWhen Zap2it talked with “Chuck” co-creator Chris Fedak ahead of last week’s season premiere, he answered our questions about the new Intersect, Chuck and Sarah’s relationship at the start of the season and a little bit about how he sees the series ending.

Now that the first episode has aired, though, we (and others) have more questions. Fedak took part in a conference call Wednesday (Nov. 2) and talked about, among other things, an “epic” forthcoming episode for Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski), concerns some fans have about Morgan (Joshua Gomez) being the Intersect and the ride for the rest of the season. Some highlights from the call follow.

Are there any stories or people you want to bring back in the final episodes?
Chris Fedak: The second half of the season really draws us into the “Chuck” finale. And there are some big, emotional, epic things. We still have mysteries we’re going to learn about Sarah and Casey [Adam Baldwin] and Chuck [Zachary Levi], and that last episode is — we’re really looking to blow it out in a way we’ve never done before. There are a number of stories that are currently in play, and if I had my druthers I’d try to do everything. And that’s what I think I’m going to try to do. … So yes. To answer the question, there are a number of characters and storylines we’ve set up in the past that I’d love to see one more time.

Some fans are not happy about Morgan being the Intersect — what would you say to reassure them?
These are the first few chapters of the final season. With the Morgan story, I love Josh Gomez as the Intersect, and what he’s done with it has been really, really funny, and we have some incredibly funny stuff coming up. But it’s testing the bounds of the show. Especially in the first half of the season, the Chuck-Morgan bromance is ver much at the heart of the show, and how Morgan getting the Intersect affects that is a real change for the show. …

I don’t want to give anything away, but we wanted to address all our big stars in the final season of the show. … From where we start now, each episode will change. The episode that airs on Friday [Nov. 4], we end in a very different place from where we began [the season]. By the end of [episode 3], things change again. …

So it’s not as if we’re settling in and going, “This is the show from here on out.” There are 13 episodes, and we’ll be trying to blow it out each episode this season. So if it feels like we’re pushing the story and being dramatic and we’re messing with the foundation of the show, the answer is yes, we’re doing that. Because it’s the final season of the show, and we want to tell the most exciting story possible.

What can you say about the episode with Sarah’s mom?
When we first started work on this season, I didn’t think we would have the ability to tell that story, the Sarah’s mom story. It was something we had built out over the years, just touching on it in very small ways, and we thought that would be one of the storylines we wouldn’t be able to address. However as we got into the season, especially the second half … we decided to focus on Sarah for an episode.

For those fans who love Sarah Walker, it will be your favorite episode ever. I’m considering “[Chuck vs.] Phase Three” and all the episodes that have come before it. It’s an amazing, epic story that reveals a lot of secrets about Sarah that you could never have imagined are actually back there. We have Tim DeKay as Sarah’s original handler, and Tim is fantastic in the show. He just brings incredible gravitas to this back story. It’s not our funniest “Chuck” story — this is really into epic land in regard to Sarah’s past. Cheryl Ladd is wonderful and warm and caring and fantastic as her mother. It’s an episode we’re [editing] at the moment. For the Sarah Walker fanatics out there, it will be your favorite episode ever.

Alas, that episode won’t air until mid-December at the earliest (and possibly not until January, depending on how NBC schedules the rest of the season). But “Chuck” does welcome Carrie-Anne Moss to the show in Friday’s episode — look for more on that on Zap2it on Thursday.

Posted by:Rick Porter