chuck vs bo1 'Chuck': Is the spy game over for Chuck and Sarah?The answer to the question in the headline is at the very least “not yet.” Based on these clips from Friday’s (Jan. 13) episode of “Chuck,” though, Chuck (Zachary Levi) and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) are certainly thinking about becoming just everyday civilians.

In the first video below, Sarah tells Chuck that she wants to stop being a spy — which, given where she was when we first met her, is an absolutely huge leap for her. She has a litany of reasons for wanting to get out, and they all seem pretty logical to us.

Convincing Casey (Adam Baldwin), however, is another matter. Chuck seems to be talking about turning Carmichael Industries toward more corporate clients, but the colonel is not convinced, even when Sarah drily notes, “You get shot a lot.”

“Not considering how much I get shot at,” Casey retorts.

Morgan (Joshua Gomez) plays the Alex card, though, and Casey seems to come around to the idea. We’re guessing that none of what they’re talking about will be all that simple, because if it were, it wouldn’t be “Chuck.” Take a look for yourself:

Posted by:Rick Porter