chuck vs anniversary 320 'Chuck' premiere: Welcome back to the Buy More“Chuck” is back, and the Season 4 premiere wasted little time in getting our favorite spies and spy-adjacent friends all back together.

(Spoilers ahead for those of you who haven’t watched yet.)

The thing about that quick reunion, though? It didn’t feel forced. Granted, we all knew at the end of last season that Chuck (Zachary Levi) wouldn’t be able to stay out of the spy game for long, but the way the show handled getting everyone back on the same page felt pretty natural. Chuck and Morgan’s (Joshua Gomez) globe-trotting quest to find his mom (Linda Hamilton) ends up dovetailing with Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) and Casey’s (Adam Baldwin) current mission, and with an assist from Gen. Beckman/new Buy More manager Diane, Chuck is back in the game.

Which leads to yet another awkward moment at episode’s end between Chuck and Ellie (Sarah Lancaster), whose announcement that she’s pregnant trumps Chuck’s intention to tell her he’s working for the CIA again. That didn’t play as well as the rest of the episode, but better to get it out of the way now rather than have Chuck avoid his sister for several episodes.

A few more random thoughts from the season premiere, “Chuck vs. the Anniversary”:

– The new Buy More? Full of awesome, from the overly conspicuous Defcon 1 button to the hyper-efficient CIA officers working there (seriously, go back and watch some of the background action in the store. It’s extremely well-choreographed).
– Speaking of the Buy More, Olivia Munn‘s guest appearance is just a one-off for the time being. She’s the first of several people, male and female, who will play “Greta.” Up next is Old Spice guy Isaiah Mustafa.
– Casey grumbling “Oy gevalt” when Sarah and Chuck reunite in Castle is, seriously, a “now I can die happy” moment. Just so brilliant.
Harry Dean Stanton‘s guest appearance didn’t add a whole lot to the story, but we’ll take our “Repo Man” homages where we can get them, I guess.
Linda Hamilton: Still a total badass. Loved the closing line with Dolph Lundgren: “I have a family.” “So do I.”

What did you think of the premiere? The world is better with Operation Bartowski back in action, is it not?

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Posted by:Rick Porter