chuck season 5 'Chuck' recap: "I Miss Knowing Kung Fu"So, Morgan’s still on his way to his silly motorbike when this episode opens … and Chuck tackles him. Morgan’s bike blows up, and he quickly goes into hiding. At Castle, which everyone and their brother knows about (but I digress) General Redhead comes in and removes the Intersect from his brain, and the CIA call off all the hits. Except for one that Decker can’t reach out to. It’s someone called “The Viper.” So Morgan has to stay in hiding, which is good on one hand, because it gives him a chance to watch Star Wars (even if a still-pissed Casey makes him start with The Phantom Menace) — apparently the one thing that didn’t come back when the Intersect went away was his memory of his nerdy obsessions. Anyway, Chuck comes up with a plan to lure out the Viper. He pretends he’s Morgan and goes to the Buy More Salesman of the Year party. It’s fancy, and fun, and Chuck and Sarah are quite enjoying being around normal people (because they’re struggling, see, with not being a normal couple). When the bartender attacks Chuck, they take him back to Castle and figure the deal is done. Morgan uses the opportunity to steal Casey’s phone and text Alex (she got a new number, so he doesn’t have it anymore) so he can meet her at the Buy More to apologize. Unfortunately, Chuck and Sarah realize a little too late that the bartender was a decoy and the real Viper is on the hunt for Morgan at the Buy More. She finds him, but luckily, Sarah and Chuck get there just in time to save the day.

Decker and General Redhead are on the TV at Castle, and Decker says the hit is officially off. But Sarah and Casey don’t trust it, because he was way too happy about it. So Casey says he’ll take care of it. What he means is that he’ll go listen in on the Viper talking to her gang. She has a phone conversation with Decker, in which he asks her to “take care of it” (I guess the mission is still to kill Morgan? But why?), and she says she will, but she has to kill everyone who knows her identity. That means Casey, Chuck, Sarah, Morgan, and Alex all have to die (because Alex was in the Buy More with Morgan when everything went down; and, oh yeah, he saved her life). Decker agrees to all except Sarah and Chuck, which must be important for whatever his master plan is. Anyway, Casey, having heard everything, kills the Viper and all her men. Then he heads to Chuck and Sarah’s to meet everyone for a dinner.

At the dinner, everyone has a fun time — Ellie and Awesome announce that he’s going back to work and she’s staying home, which he pretends was because he didn’t like being at home but which is really because a clear-headed Jeff informed him Ellie is unhappy and wants to be at home with her baby. There are gifts given (Casey gives Morgan only THREE Indiana Jones movies, and mercifully swears that’s all there are), toasts made (Sarah realizes she does have normal friends, thanks to Chuck), and wine imbibed. Then Decker knocks on the door, tells Chuck he’s looking for John Casey, and tells Casey he’s under arrest for murder. Casey gets up snarling, but seemingly willing. And … the end. Until Chuck returns in December. ACK! But, hey, y’all! It finally got good again!

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