zachary levi press tour gi 'Chuck' Season 4: Who is Greta? Zachary Levi explainsWhat do Isaiah Mustafa — aka the Old Spice Guy — and Stacy Keibler of “Dancing With the Stars” and WWE fame have in common?

Well, both will be guest-starring on “Chuck” this season. And they’ll both be playing the same character, sort of.

(Some spoiler-ish material coming right up, so be forewarned.)

Let star Zachary Levi explain. Mustafa, he tells Zap2it, “plays this recurring character. There’s a character named Greta who’s going to be in almost every episode, but it’s played by a different actor every time. It’s this CIA worker — the CIA has now taken over the Buy More, and there all these different government workers who are [staffing] it, so you see different ones, but the same one, named Greta in every episode. … It’s a guy or a girl, you never know.”

Levi also says that while a little on-screen time will have passed between seasons, the situation we saw in the Season 3 finale will be much the same: “The Buy More was destroyed, Jeff [Scott Krinsky] and Lester [Vik Sahay] are on the lam, I’m not working for the government but Sarah [Yvonne Strahovski] and Casey [Adam Baldwin] are,” he says.

“But we also left off with Chuck being given this new mission to go find his mom — played by “Terminator” star Linda Hamilton — “from his father’s last wishes. All that is brought to light at the beginning of the season, so everyone will be caught back up.”

The fact that the CIA has taken over the Buy More (which we’re assuming is/was rebuilt) also poses some problems, Levi says: “You see it in the first episode. It’s this well-oiled machine, night and day from what the Buy More used to be. But it’s presenting its own problems because it’s still supposed to be this cover situation, but if it’s run too well it’s no longer a good cover. So decisions are made to bring it back to where it was in all its glory.”

“Chuck” returns on Monday, Sept. 20 on NBC.

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