It’s not easy getting a new business off the ground. Just ask Chuck Bartowski.

That’s the uniting theme in these two clips from the “Chuck” Season 5 premiere, which you can see in its entirety on Friday, Oct. 28. In the one up above, Chuck (Zachary Levi) laments to Morgan (Joshua Gomez) about needing a Carmichael Industries assignment to pay off.

Oh, and there’s also the little matter of seeing Morgan use the Intersect for the first time. Morgan zeroes in on a piece of intel with his first flash — except he doesn’t call it a “flash.” His name for it gives the season premiere its title, “Chuck vs. the Zoom.”

The second clip features Chuck and Casey (Adam Baldwin) prepping to meet with a potential new client. It highlights the fact that Casey is probably not best suited to the people side of the business, which, frankly, Chuck should probably have known already. Take a look:

The final season of “Chuck” premieres at 8 p.m. ET Friday, Oct. 28.

Posted by:Rick Porter