vik sahay getty 320 'Chuck': Vik Sahay teases Jeffster's returnMonday’s (Sept. 27) episode of “Chuck” will feature international intrigue, a spy mission in Milan and some Chuck-and-Sarah personal drama. You know, the usual.

The big news, though? The episode will also feature the return of Jeffster. Vik Sahay (Lester) and Scott Krinsky (Jeff) will make their first appearance of the season, still believing that they were the ones responsible for blowing up the Buy More at the end of Season 3.

“In our minds we’re accused of burning down the Buy More, and we’re running from that,” Sahay tells Zap2it. “The way I look at it is they’ve got their own sort of diaspora going on, just the two of them. They’re separated from their homeland of the last few years.”

Sahay says the episode, “Chuck vs. the Suitcase,” will give fans “a glimpse of Jeff and Lester and what they’re doing out there on the lam. It’s not pretty. It’s not at all pretty.”

What he won’t tell us is what exactly brings him and Krinsky back into the picture. We think, though, that it may have something to do with this part of NBC’s description of the episode: “Morgan (Joshua Gomez) recognizes a fatal flaw that compromises the new Buy More.” Series lead Zachary Levi noted in the Season 4 preview that the new, CIA/NSA-run Buy More is a little too perfect at first, and what better way to remedy that than by welcoming Jeff and Lester back into the fold?

Whatever the circumstances of their return, Jeffster cultists will no doubt be happy to have the duo back. Sahay says that he’s also really enjoyed what he’s seen of the primary ongoing story this season: Chuck (Levi) searching for his mother (Linda Hamilton).

“This season is an interesting one. I’m very curious about it,” he says. “I don’t really have a sense or know how much Lester figures into this aspect of the show, but the search for mom … anything to do with mothers, in real life and fictionally, will bring a deeper, more emotional heartbeat to the show. I think it’s going to be great. …

“It’s kind of a beautiful season so far — and very funny. The writers stepped up their game comedically. So that combination is a win-win, I think.”

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