josh gomez chuck frosted tips 'Chuck's' Joshua Gomez: 'You're not supposed to like Morgan at this point'The Morgan-as-Intersect storyline on “Chuck” has been, to judge by online opinion-sharing, a love-it-or-hate-it proposition over the first two episodes of the season.

The man at the center of the story gets it. Joshua Gomez knows what it’s like to be a fan of something and watch it change gears — but he also says the current story is not what viewers will be watching for the entirety of the final season.

“I was nervous at first, for many reasons. [Morgan] just getting the Intersect was such a crazy turn, and something I wasn’t expecting,” Gomez says. “And as I started to get the scripts and saw the character becoming what he’s becoming and saw how it was affecting him, it was nerve-wracking. Our fans are really loyal, and they love Chuck, and I’m like, ‘Oh crap. I’m gonna get things thrown at me for being a jerk.'”

Gomez knows what it’s like to be frustrated as a fan. “When I read comic books and the writers would decide to take the thing down different paths, as a fan I’d be like, ‘No! Come on!,’ and throw the comic book across the room,” he says. “Our fans are wonderful and passionate, and they have every right to go, No, I don’t like this, or I do like this. … They can think whatever they want. I try to stay clear of it because in some respects, it’s not my business. I have a job to do, and I try to do it the best that I can.”

Gomez adds that fans he’s encountered this season have not, in fact, thrown anything at him. “Everyone has been really, really cool. We had a ‘Chuck’-fest recently, and everyone was really supportive and really happy, especially after they saw a screening of episode 503. … It was cool to see that, because I knew I had a little bit of a job ahead of me, winning people over to the idea of Morgan with the Intersect.”

Episode 503, “Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips,” airs Friday (Nov. 11) and brings one idea into very clear focus. As Gomez puts it, “You’re not supposed to like Morgan at this point.”

It was evident at the end of last week’s show that the Intersect was doing something to Morgan, who not only forgot who Luke Skywalker was but also became increasingly distrustful of his best friend Chuck (Zachary Levi). Gomez says we’ll find out what’s happening to him in “Frosted Tips” and the following episode.

“I think whatever is happening to him, obviously the Intersect is to blame,” Gomez says. “It’s clearly not in Morgan’s character to act the way he’s been acting, and is going to continue to act, as you’ll see [Friday]. But … it’s pulling out certain things that are inside of him. There are things that are definitely [part of] Morgan that now are bubbling to the surface. … It’s definitely malfunctioning, and that’s definitely a huge part of it. But his own personality is sort of interwoven into the madness.”

And once we — and Chuck — find out what’s going on, things will come to a head pretty quickly. “There are effects from this arc with Morgan that are going to play out and are important to the rest of the season,” Gomez says. “But Dark Morgan, Bizarro Morgan is not THE storyline for the whole season. This is part of the first act.”

“Chuck” airs at 8 p.m. ET Friday. Here’s a preview of “Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips,” featuring Chuck and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) discussing how to bring the Morgan they know back:

Posted by:Rick Porter