cillian murphy dark knight trilogy batman Cillian Murphy auditioned to play Batman in 'Dark Knight' trilogy   See the photos

You’ve seen Christian Bale’s audition tape for “Batman Begins,” but he isn’t the only actor from the “Dark Knight” trilogy that went after the Caped Crusader. Cillian Murphy, who eventually played the Scarecrow in all three movies, also tested for the role.
Images of Cillian trying out as both Bruce Wayne and Batman have surfaced as part of the new “Dark Knight” trilogy collector’s edition set, which includes lots of special features. 
According to Batman News, in the end Murphy isn’t what Christopher Nolan was looking for in a Batman. However, the director still liked him enough to want him in the movie, which is how he became the Scarecrow.
The features also reveal that Nolan originally wanted Gary Oldman to play Ra’s Al Ghul, but the veteran actor wasn’t interested in the role because he had already portrayed a long list of villains. In the end, he was convinced to take on the role of Jim Gordon, Batman’s law enforcement confidant, instead.
The collector’s set, which includes six discs, is on sale Tuesday, September 24.
cillian murphy dark knight trilogy bruce wayne Cillian Murphy auditioned to play Batman in 'Dark Knight' trilogy   See the photos
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