skyler page clarence cartoon network 'Clarence' creator Skyler Page fired after sexual assault allegations

After being accused of sexually assaulting a colleague, Skyler Page, creator of Cartoon Network’s “Clarence,” has been fired.
It all started with a series of tweets from “Adventure Time” storyboard artist Emily Partridge, who spoke about being sexually harassed and assaulted without naming any names. “Being harassed or assaulted by anyone is scary, feeling like the person who did it to you is somehow more likable/credible is extra scary,” reads one of her tweets.
Eventually, Page’s name became involved through a tweet from Mar√© Odomo, who writes, “Skyler Page, creator of Cartoon Network’s ‘Clarence’, is known to grope women without their consent. Don’t be left alone in a room with him.”
From there, Partridge continued tweeting, using Page’s name. “I had heard rumours about Skyler being ‘quirky’ but nothing about his f***ed up behaviour towards women until AFTER what happened to me,” she writes. Eventually, she added that the issue had been passed on to human resources at the network.

Patrick Harpin, a former “Clarence” writer then sounded off on Tumblr, writing, “Obviously Skyler Page sexually assaulted a female artist at CN. Skyler’s a piece of s***, and CN should give him the boot. Emily Partridge is one bad-a** chick for standing up to a guy who a lot of people wanted to cover up for. Skyler’s a**hole behavior (though not yet sexual assault) was the main reason I quit the show more than a year ago.” He went on to add that fans should still support the show, claiming Page had very little to do with actually creating it.
In a statement to many outlets, including Buzzfeed, the network says, “Skyler Page is no longer an employee at Cartoon Network Studios.” Page has yet to address the situation.

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