clear history larry david tca hbo 'Clear History': Larry David and Greg Mottola bring tragic comedy

Could anyone play a dissatisfied and angry man better than Larry David? The answer may be no, especially on HBO. Based on a TCA presentation from the “Clear History” star and the film’s director, Greg Mottola, the results could be excellent.

“Clear History” tells the story of Nathan Flomm, a former marketing executive who gives up his shares in an electric-car company after an argument. When the company makes billions, Nathan’s life is destroyed. He changes his name and moves to an island off of Massachusetts, starting a new life.

In this new life, Larry David plays a nice guy. Yes, it’s shocking. Then he tries to steal Jon Hamm‘s character’s wife, so he might not be so wife.

In addition to David and Hamm, “Clear History” stars Bill Hader, Philip Baker Hall, Kate Hudson, Michael Keaton, Danny McBride, Eva Mendes, Amy Ryan and J.B. Smoove.

But then his old life threatens to intrude, everything changes.

“Clear History” premieres Aug. 10 on HBO.

Fun quotes and facts from the presentation

  • “I quit a couple times, but the show was barely off the ground at that point.” – Larry David on his “Seinfeld” career
  • “That’s a very good, legitimate question. Nice job!” – David to a reporter
  • “My first choice was the Bee Gees, but then a Bee Gee died. So we were down to one Bee Gee.” – David on the music in the film
  • “It felt like I had 10,000 insects on my head!” – David, about the makeup process
  • Liev Schreiber is in the film but doesn’t get a credit. Larry David calls it a “Showtime issue.”
  • “I played it like I was wearing weights on my ankles.” – David
  • “Do you return e-mails on your birthday?” – David — When the questioner said “Sometimes,” David responded: “You probably don’t get as many birthday e-mails as I do.”
  • “I’m just an indecisive fellow. You should see me at a restaurant!” – David, when asked why it takes him so long to make “Curb Your Enthusiasm” decisions
  • Eva Mendes was surprisingly good at improvising.
  • “By the way, this has been a pleasure!” – David, probably being serious but still sounding sarcastic at the end of the presentation
Posted by:Laurel Brown